Evaluating Country Risk for Global Investments in 2022


This year’s edition of the Guide contains expert knowledge from local counsel from over 38 countries to enable you to get started with foreign direct investment in the country of your choosing.

With 31 law firms participating in our country-by-country overview, legal specialists from each particular jurisdiction have contributed their time and insights to this guide.

Their contributions make this a very comprehensive, high-level overview of the key factors affecting inward investment and what organizations must be aware of when selecting their investment destination.

First Law International would like to thank all of our contributing members for their invaluable efforts and expertise.

Title: Guide for Evaluating Country Risk for Global Investments 2022

Who can benefit from this Guide?

Corporate executives looking for legal guidance on investments in foreign jurisdictions

Risk managers in multinational enterprises

International operations executives

Consultants specialized in international business

Legal researchers interested in country risk

FDI Guide 2022: Japan Chapter

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