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FLInstitute is our solution for bespoke Compliance training.


We enable companies to train entire divisions, smaller teams, or even vendors and third parties when onboarding, whether through co-branded FLI content or white-labeling local company documents.


What’s included


Company files

  • Codes of conduct
  • Helplines
  • Whistle-blower provisions
  • Manuals and policies
  • Contracts

Multimedia framework

  • Videos
  • Third party embedded content
  • Audio overlay
  • Slideshows
  • Company-specific assets

Testing provisions

  • By Individual users
  • By company email domain
  • By language
  • By geography
  • By function
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An interactive digital training platform for Compliance programs

Join us for our TRACE-accredited training covering Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery, delivered as part of FLI’s compliance program, through our proprietary platform, FLInstitute.




Meet our expert

Daniel has significant experience in advising clients’ corporate portfolios and optimizing multi-jurisdictional legal projects. His mission is to enhance clients’ leverage in complex multi-stakeholder deals through the power of FLI’s business model.

He has also supervised the development and roll-out of FLI’s LegalTech Apps/PWAs, including FlightOne and FLInstitute in order to retain counsel in various jurisdictions, as well as promoting client co-creation and corporate compliance. 

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