The Rise of Legal Technology

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What's Inside?

State of Play

In 2021, the legal industry is projected to become a global market worth $1,011B.  One of the slowest sectors to go digital is now coming online, driven by more technology-friendly legal departments.

Change Management Principles for Legal Technology

Adopting new internal technologies can be overwhelming, regardless of the industry you are in. With new developments coming to market every week, countless vendors reaching out and changes in the market that happen at the speed of light, legal professionals may find implementing new tools confusing and unnerving.

COVID-19 Impact on the Legal Tech Ecosystem

2019 was a record year for investments in legal technologies: $1.2billion - with the final number probably significantly higher as some legal service providers did not disclose their investment amounts.

Trends and Developments in Legal Tech

With the world’s digital ecosystem becoming more and more developed, especially with more organizations leading the way to a remote work policy, legal teams must stay up to date with technology trends to set themselves up for success.

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